Tips for Legally Selling a Car

Every single day there are individuals selling cars to other people. It is cheaper, easier and hassle-free to purchase or sell a car in this manner, but this is only if you avoid the mistakes that are made by so many who are selling their car. Here are a few tips that will ensure that you have a hassle-free experience when selling your vehicle to someone else.

Sign  a Contract

It doesn’t matter if you are selling your car to your mom or to a total stranger that you met on Craigslist, a contract is a vital part of the sale, when you want things to go smoothly, that is. The sales contract alleviates headaches and confusion. In the contract, include the name of the person that is buying the car, as well as your name. The VIN number of the car, as well as a short description of the vehicle; and the amount of the sale of the car. The date of the sale is also imperative to include on the document. It should be signed by both you as well as the buyer.

The man driving the car and using a mobile phone

Sign the Title

The vehicle is still yours until the title is signed over and transferred to the buyer. This also means that you are responsible for accidents, tickets etc. that result. Do not let this be a problem in your life. Signe the title of the vehicle over immediately after it has sold.

As Is

Be sure that the buyer knows and understands that they are purchasing the car ‘as is.’ They are not allowed to return the vehicle or come at you for any damages as long as you sell the vehicle ‘as is.’

Keep a Proof of Purchase

Whether it is a receipt that you print our or a paper that both parties have signed, it is important that you have a proof of purchase available in case it is needed.