Alabama Affected by Ashley Madison Website Leak

Alabama Affected by Ashley Madison Website Leak


Most people think of Alabama as one of those conservative, do-good states, but the recent Ashley Madison website leak has shown that the state does, indeed, have another side most people would never imagine. You see, this recent leak revealed some pretty shocking statistics about adultery and residents of Alabama.

What is Ashley Madison?

For those who are unaware, Ashley Madison is a website designed for married individuals to find partners for extramarital affairs. A good 95% of those with accounts on the site were men, and another 15,000 registered email accounts belonged to .edu or .gov names. An unidentified hacker threatened to reveal the names if the site was not removed. The hacker made good on his threats and released the list of member’s names.

Affairs Affect Everyone

A good portion of the registered names were residents of Alabama. It is estimated that approximately 60% of all married couples will cheat at one point in their marriage or another. Infidelity hurts a marriage and many ways, and while some couple chooses to reconcile and work through the issues, some couples are ready to call it quits.

An affair is certainly a challenge to work through. It takes time, love, patience and willingness on both parties to be able to work through an affair during marriage. Everyone is affected when an affair takes place –not just the couple themselves.criminal-law-300x225

Speak to a Mobile Divorce Attorney

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Final Thoughts

The Ashley Madison hack has opened a lot of eyes across the state of Alabama and elsewhere in the world. Whether or not you were affected by the leak, if you are dealing with an affair, it is best to talk to an attorney as soon as possible.